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Nominations for the 2024 Annual Banquet Awards are now open!

We are currently accepting award nominations for our Community Impact Award, Historical Rehabilitation Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Please complete one form for each person, group, organization, or business you wish to nominate. Attach additional pages as necessary. “Completed nomination forms and attachments should be emailed to:, stating “JCMHS Award Nomination” in the subject line.” 

Submissions are due Friday, October 4, 2024. All nominators will be notified of their status after our awards committee deliberates in October. A public announcement will be made in early November. Awards will presented at our annual banquet on December 5th, 2024 at Spring Arbor University.


Community Impact Award:

Nominees must be individuals or organizations in Jackson County that have had/are having a significant impact on the community’s understanding and appreciation of history. The impact can result from multiple accomplishments/projects or a single accomplishment/project. If the nominee is an individual, he or she must at least be a high school senior, at minimum. If the nominee is an organization, it must have existed in Jackson County for at least one year. 

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Nominees must be single individuals who are 75 years and older (hence the adjective “lifetime”), and have a strong Jackson County connection in one of three ways: 1) they were born in the county, 2) they lived in the county for decades or 3) they have dedicated their productive lives in a historical field in Jackson County. Their life work must have positively impacted the community’s understanding and appreciation of local history and ideally reflect multiple accomplishments spanning decades.

Historical Rehabilitation Award:

Nominees can be single individuals, groups or organizations that have preserved the distinctive historic character of a building/structure/object in Jackson County. The award can be given to the individual or representative of the organization that spearheaded the renovation/restoration. The building/structure/object must be at least 50 years old and the rehabilitation must be significant, that is, have made a substantial, discernable difference or improvement. It also must have been conducted within the last five years. 

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